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We are licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia as
a digital investment management service provider.

Financial Freedom

Grow your wealth in a simple, convenient and affordable way with MYTHEO!

We understand that investing may seem difficult and complicated. A lot of time, focus and effort is needed to manage and grow your wealth.

MYTHEO helps you overcome your concerns!

MYTHEO At A Glance

Invest with Minimal Effort
MYTHEO helps you build your wealth like a pro by utilising investment algorithms that diversify your investments globally and fully automate your portfolio rebalancing.
Invest with Minimal Risk
MYTHEO’s investment engine monitors vast amounts of market and economic data, news, and reliable social media comments. It seeks to optimise the risk returns and to automatically rebalance your portfolio in accordance to your risk and investment profile. 
Invest with Minimal Cost
The only charges incurred to you would be a management fee of 0.5% - 1% p.a. on your investment value with absolutely zero hidden charges.
Invest Globally
With our powerful investment algorithms powered by AI, you have the opportunity to invest in global markets across different asset classes, geographies and currencies.
Invest Your Way
Whether you are looking to grow your capital, generate income or manage the effects of inflation, MYTHEO will cater to your needs. You can even customise your portfolio the way you like it in an instant.

The MYTHEO Difference


We understand that everyone has different investment objectives in line with different moments of one’s life journey. That is why investing with MYTHEO is a combination of three functional portfolios, each with its own purpose and benefit.

Let MYTHEO help you manage your investment to achieve your goals.


As a continued legacy, we have partnered with Japan’s THEO and as a Group we have a proven track record of managing assets over USD 950 million for more than 100,000 investors to date. We are led by a team of experts with fund management experience from companies like BlackRock Inc. and Nomura Holdings with the support of an innovative technology team.


We are licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia as a digital investment management service provider. Worry not, your funds will be kept safely with our custodian, which is an independent trustee also licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. It is our priority to continuously review and ensure our operations, systems and infrastructures are resilient and reliable.

The ABC's Of
Getting Started

Start your investment journey with 3 simple steps:

Answer 5 Simple Questions

MYTHEO only needs some information like your risk tolerance and investment horizon to recommend an investment portfolio tailored just for you.

Begin Investing

Once you have deposited the starting capital into your account, MYTHEO will begin investing in ETFs with global exposure starting on the next working day.

Chill Out

Let MYTHEO do the heavy lifting. We will automatically optimise and rebalance your portfolio through a proprietary algorithm developed with cutting edge financial technology and robust investment strategies.

How MYTHEO Works For You

Top 20 Malaysian Fintechs in 2020 - It is the only homegrown company that secured a license to operate a robo-advisor which offers an affordable and user-friendly option for the masses to invest in capital markets through ETFs.
- Fintech News Malaysia
Robo-advisor takes distinct approach - The platform’s algorithm is based on functional portfolios that have been segregated into income, growth and inflation-hedged asset classes.
- The Edge Markets
MYTHEO’s strategy of wide diversification across various asset classes and even countries mean short-term blips rarely affects long-term investors.
- RinggitPlus
MYTHEO is currently the only robo-advisor that allows investors to manually change the weightage of their allocations to the growth, income and inflation hedge segments of their portfolios.
- The Edge Markets

Our Awards

MSC Malaysia APICTA 2019 Awards
- Fintech Robo-Advisor
SITEC Malaysia TOP EC Awards 2019
- Artificial Intelligence


and start your digital investment journey with MYTHEO!